You´re An Aspiring Yoga Teacher...

...and your mission in life is to serve others. It´s not enough to wish the best for everyone... you need the tools and techniques to actually help them.

Learn the Step-By-Step System, to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher in only 30 days

( Ready to serve,teach & make a Successful Yoga Career)

March 20th to April 18th

"In-Person & Online"

3 Little-Known Facts to Consider Before 

Becoming a Yoga Teacher  

To be A Yoga Teacher means more than we can imagine, we do our humble best to work towards that state of Union and Love, which is the ultimate aspiration of any Yogi/Yogini.


The Yogic Scriptures Talks about Abhyasa a beautiful concept about the Yoga practice and is to do it full-hearted and for a long period of time as a mean or a vehicle that will take us into Samadhi/Self Realization.


Success Takes time, dedication, patience, and love.


If You are ready to build your yoga practice and teach others read the next Fact.

Don't be fooled by advertisement and marketing.


Yoga is not acrobatics, is not about placing the leg behind your head or standing on your head alone.


Yoga is a practice which should be integrated to our life.


To do everything with awareness, with love, and with the clear intention to benefit others, while you serve yourself.


The Culmination of Yoga is to lead a healthy and happy life.


If you are willing to do anything necessary to gain your health and peace of mind back, read the next Fact.

Most Aspiring Yoga Teachers assume that they cannot live just by teaching yoga, and think they need to have a “real” job along with it. 


That's partially right if you want to teach only a few classes a week on the side, great! But if you do want to grow your Yoga teachings into a full-time career, know that you absolutely can. 


How are we so sure about it? 

Simply because we had been doing that since 2012.


All the teachers at Comunidad Omshanti are 100% focused on their Yoga Career, no aside jobs or any kind of extra income.


We make our living from teaching yoga around the world, we are pretty sure you can too.


But let me tell you, won't be easy, needs dedication, commitment, lots of working hours to finally make your Yoga Project become true.

Why People Choose To Come Home?

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