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Comunidad Om Shanti is a welcoming family to all seekers of truth, who look to deepen a practice of yoga, meditation, tantra, vedanta, and more. We all seek a better world in which to share, celebrate, and live our lives. At Om Shanti, we strive to come together as family and community to open our hearts and begin building.

July 13th to August 11th

September 7th to October 6th

200 hrs - Barcelona - 2019


Meditation, Yoga practice, Workshops


Enjoy a walk in the forest, rest your mind and relax. Take a break and come to reconnect with yourself in the perfect enviroment.

Give yourself a break during your working hours


We go where you are

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Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
+34 688 459 174
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Barcelona - Spain

Comunidad OmShanti Barcelona is located about 40-kilometer (30-minute) away from the beautiful and international city of Barcelona in the Biosphere Reserve of Montseny (Sant Marti de Centelles) which has been proclaimed by the UNESCO as a Universal Heritage of Humanity.