Is it possible to overcome our emotions in order to attempt the eternal bliss? How can we deal with our emotional world to find that peace we are all seeking?

Many times I have heard that we are not our emotions, but we are ´that´ who is witnessing everything that happens. I totally agree with that statement but at the same time I don’t. Something I also heard recently is that there are many differ...

The spirit of this community is to become a big family, and when we say big, we mean it: a family around the world. Yes, this could sound exaggerated, but believe it or not, it is already happening! We have yoga teachers, students from our YTTC, volunteers and guests from all over the world spreading the word of yoga across the globe.

Our mission as a community is to prepare and open the space for...

Sharing our spirituality with our family, coworkers and friends might not be easy and we face some challenges on the way. There are a few mistakes we make and then everyone pays for that, let´s discuss this together.

Now you are full of inspiration but some insecurities at the same time, here 5 things to have in mind after you finish your 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training, that will help you with the next steps, don´t miss out!

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