How can I share my spiritual life with everyone?

When we find our spiritual practice, anyone we choose, after some time we might feel different than before, we have some insights and gradually the whole life experience begins to change. But also there are a few challenges we might face on the process.

Our world does not match with us anymore

Suddenly we see our 'normal world', which was always around us, different, and there is something pulling us to change what is not fitting in. There is this tendency of the mind wanting everything around us to change, in order to make us happier. We are changing and we want everyone to change with us. This is somehow very natural, as we understand more about life and we really experience the benefits, we want everyone to experience the same. But It´s still the same mind wanting the outside world to change in order to suit the inner world.

Telling others what is the best for them, will not help

People around us are still the same, even though we are permanently and incessantly changing, there are things that remain with us. We react in certain ways to specific phenomena, we make decisions based on the same patterns knowingly or unknowingly, and so on. The problem is that we are not aware. Sometimes we can feel inspired by other´s stories, listening how they go through the experiences in life, but at the same time we don´t like much to be told what to do. There is a very important need that can be triggered if someone has the intention of telling us what to do. That need is free will and self-expression. We all need to have the space to take our own decisions, and this appears very early and strongly when we are teenagers. The first to notice that are generally our parents and relatives which question our decisions, and our whole life is about just doing the opposite that others want us to do.

Listen with empathy

So it is not very recommended to tell people what to do and what not to do unless they have asked for it, even though we know this could be the best for them. To tell people what is the best for them might not be taken as we would like it. On the other hand, listening with empathy is one of the most important qualities we can develop, just to be there present and aware, sometimes it is more than enough with that. In general, we are not very used to be heard with full attention, awareness and presence, and this atmosphere could help the other to go deeper into what is alive in that particular moment and from there to be able to go closer to the source of that feeling.

Knowledge is at the mind level

There is a fundamental difference between knowledge and wisdom, for me this idea was critical. The difference is basically that knowledge remains just in the mental field and there is no correlation with a real experience of what is been said. We can read many beautiful texts and repeat them in front of someone else, but we are just repeating. Even if we analyze it, it is still in the mental field.

Wisdom is integrated into the whole system

On the other hand we have wisdom and this is a step further, now we have a real experience of what is been said, maybe not fully but some glimpse of it. There is something that is alive in us when we are sharing that, the whole body expresses itslef in a different way when we are sharing our wisdom, our experience, and this is what we call 'to share from the heart'. Our voice sounds different, our eyes have another light, the whole body language is transmitting the message, it is not just in the mind, it is in the whole system.

If they don´t listen, we failed

So where am going with all this? Careful with your enthusiasm, not everyone is ready or willing to hear what you want to share, even if it is from the heart. The worst thing we can do is to force others to listen to our truth - nothing good could come from it, but actually, the opposite. They don´t want to listen to us anymore, they don´t feel connected with it, what we say doesn´t resonate with them. So then we feel we failed. Somehow we could say we did fail, but actually, we understand what doesn´t work and because of that we have the opportunity to find some other way. So then we go through the experiences as gifts, learning from them, and moving on.

If we change, everyone can change

How can we share that which is so important for us, that has helped us so much in our lives? Through our life. Simple. Just live it. Live, experience, analyze and share through your daily life, and then those who see that and feel interested will come to you and will ask you 'What do you do?' They see your changes in your life and they get curious, they want to know what is it that you are doing that makes you feel happy and more in contact with life. In this way we can inspire others to find their own way to connect with their spirituality, with their own truth. There is not one way, but many.

Let your light shine and spread it all around

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