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Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The spirit of this community is to become a big family, and when we say big, we mean it: a family around the world. Yes, this could sound exaggerated, but believe it or not, it is already happening! We have yoga teachers, students from our YTTC, volunteers and guests from all over the world spreading the word of yoga across the globe.

Our mission as a community is to prepare and open the space for those who are in the need of a break from their lives and want to go deeper into themselves.

We call ourselves a personal and community development centre which means that we create an atmosphere of acceptance and care, where everyone who has the need for self-discovery and self-healing can feel at home and surrounded by others with similar needs.

What you do in your life, doesn´t really matter, what we care about is what you're going through, which are your strengths and weaknesses and how we can serve you in that process. This is how we get to know each other, and that is why relationships grow so fast and easyly only in only a few days. People from all over the world are sharing together as a family, and this is the beauty of this community.

We are all together on the same trip, as part of the staff we are also going through different phases of the process of living together. Our team is formed by volunteers, they come from all over the world for a few months longing for the spirit of community. We have also the same interest as you, self-healing, self-discovery, and connection with a group of people with similar needs.

We share life, we listen to each other carefully, express our needs, practice acceptance and patience and we experiment all sorts of feelings and emotions triggered by the community living which helps us to get to know ourselves better. We have decided to live in this way because here we feel at home, a chosen home where we can be accepted as we are, and it gives us the opportunity to discover who we really are, and learn to accept ourselves in the first place.

We have weekly team meetings where we share about our personal journey, how we feel, how the week was. Also, we discuss more practical things to improve as we think we can always do better. During these meetings we talk bout personal matters, not about others, but about how we feel or how we experience certain situations, listening carefully to each other, fully present, and without judgments.

We all share our love for the yoga path, we practice together, meditate, and share the benefits that yoga has brought to our lives.

In this way we prepare to receive and give the best of ourselves for those who are comming to our retreats to visit us, keeping a peaceful, loving, and joyful atmosphere at this home.

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Photo by Paul Crudge

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