Emotions versus enlightenment

Is it possible to overcome our emotions in order to attempt the eternal bliss? How can we deal with our emotional world to find that peace we are all seeking?

Many times I have heard that we are not our emotions, but we are ´that´ who is witnessing everything that happens. I totally agree with that statement but at the same time I don’t. Something I also heard recently is that there are many different truths that match with different states of consciousness. I can read something in a book, a truth for somebody, but this could not be the truth for me at that particular moment. We have to be very careful with what we read, because it could have been said to somebody in a specific moment, then heard by another and written in a book, and finally it seems to apply to everybody, and it wasn’t the initial intention.

There are many different truths and some of them are contradictory, or seem to be. We have cultivate discernment to really see which truth applies to our present moment, our state of consciousness; otherwise we can misunderstand what is being said. Something that has no sense at one moment could be very accurate later.

Regarding the emotions, I know there is a lot written already, but I would like to share my experience with this topic. It was very helpful for me, for some time, to generate some distance with my feelings and emotions, to see that I’m not them, I’m something bigger. The presence of the witness within me was something new for me and I’m very grateful with that discovery. After some time I also realized I have had a big resistance to contact with my emotions, with my sensitivity. It was painful to go there; even if I tried, I couldn’t go deep, I couldn’t see the importance of that process.

Everything has its moment is my belief, so the right time came. I felt stuck, going around my anger, feeling this strong force completely out of balance. And at some moment, sadness surrounded me. That was a weird time for me. I didn’t really understand what was going on, but I had decided to be there, not escaping anymore. I felt I was ready to go through this, because I saw there was some kind of wisdom hiding there. It was an inner sensation of rightness, of “Here is where I have to be”. It was a tough time, but I could see the importance of being connected with that sensitivity, with that vulnerability.

After being and coming up from there, I’m totally convinced that this is the way - at least for me. Being in contact with my inner world, in terms of emotions and feelings, is the key to understand existence. When I’m in a situation I try to keep observing my inner world, what’s alive in me. I see, and probably you already know it, that everything that happens is just a reflection of what´s going on inside, so the more aware we are, the more we can get from any experience in life. And this not about judging or trying to understand our reactions or responses, it´s more about acknowledge, more about bringing into awareness.

We are not trying to be better persons, or more peaceful, or caring. What this is about is to develop the quality of self-love, self-care, self-acceptance. As I have said before, the outside world reflects the inner world, and this is not a New Age statement, it´s more like an insight, unblocking old patterns of wishing to change the whole outside world in order to have peace. Not even attempting to change the inner world at all. The effort is not in the change, it is more in the awareness; bring the things up, not rejecting anything, but embracing them. It is important not to go to the place where I see myself as I am, but I would like to be different: this is the rejection of who I am at that moment, so it creates tension and gives more power to what I don’t want. It is like when I decide to do fasting and I cannot stop thinking in food. We need a lot of energy to push away what we don’t like, what we don’t want, and this gives a lot of power to that what we think is inadequate.

Take the time to be with your feelings when they come up, try to not analyze, intellectualize or judge them. Your feelings are yours, nobody can make you feel in certain way, it is within you, remove any attempt to point out to others and focus in you. Locate the physical place where they manifest (chest, throat, belly, etc.), let them be, release them, allow them to be, breath, and enjoy existence trough them. There is nothing wrong with you, that is the most human moment you can live, enjoy through sorrow. You are alive, therefore, you feel.

Embrace existence as it is, if we learn to do that, we become more sensitive and we can also accept others as they are, and the world around us change when we can see and accept everyone as they are.

The change comes from within, from a deep connection, appreciation and acceptance of our emotional world.

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