Finished your Yoga Teacher Training? and then what?

You had a lot of expectations before your training, now that you have accomplished it and you are ready to start sharing your yoga, do you feel ready? Here a few situations you might be going through, and some tips to have in mind at this moment of your life.

There are different experiences students might have after finishing this important moment of their lives. If you just finihsed an intensive 200 hrs course, a full power month completely committed to learn and to experience yoga as it is, it might have been very intense. And if you have finished a longer course, maybe you had already some time to digest the idea of becoming a yoga teacher. Either way, at this moment you are here, with a lot of energy and inspiration but at the same time with some insecurities and fears. Don´t worry, it is perfectly fine, we all have gone through the same kind of feelings, you are not alone. It is a great moment and let's take the best from it.

Don't wait long before you start teaching

It is important not to let the excitement cool down, now you have all the experience and teachings very present in you and if you let time pass you might feel disconnected ot that you are forgetting them, making it more difficult to come back. Keep that sensation alive with your self-practice and start sharing some of them with your family and friends. If it is difficult for you to start with them, then you can offer classes in parks or public places, so then you don´t know the people and you don´t feel the pressure of judgment, which can be quiet hard sometimes. If you stop your practice it will be more difficult to come back to it, as we are giving more space again to old patterns, and the new discipline is not deeply integrated yet.

Keep it simple and safe

Don´t engage unnecessarily into difficult asanas if they are not in your practice, and also until you feel comfortable not just doing it but also and more important, guiding others to do it. Remember that yoga is not about how good you are in asanas but more about how much you can serve and be kind to others and yourself, and this is the yoga we want to spread. We use the asanas as a vehicle to be healthy, to balance our polarities, to clean our bodies and to prepare for meditation. It´s very easy to get lost into the body and to forget the final aim in yoga. In your classes, you can include some topics as the yamas and niyamas and some others you feel comfortable talking about, so you can give a context to the asana practice.

Share your vulnerability

Sometimes we feel that showing ourselves strong and almost infallible will help us making others believe we are that, but on the contrary, this makes us more rigid and less receptive as we are wasting a lot of energy keeping those masks which we feel are protecting us, but actually this is separating us from others. The most inspiring attitude for a yoga techer is to be connected with the heart, with the emotions and feelings, and from there to share the practice. Nothing spectacular has to happen. As a yoga teacher, we are a guide for others to find themselves, we don´t need to do all the work, we simply share what we are and help them with what is needed. A yoga class with this atmosphere of authenticity and care is the safest you can offer.

Find a community with the same interests

Connect and share with people with the same interests as yours, those who help you grow in your spiritual path and lift you up when you need it. It can be very difficult to do it by yourself and quite a challenge, you might be disappointed if you fail and you will not feel supported. Especially at the beginning, we need to find a supportive community. It can be a yoga teacher or a friend to whom you can speak the same spiritual language, some study group, or anyone you feel connection with. It is much better if it can be done in person but if this is not possible, stay connected with your course group or teachers through the Internet.

Keep learning

The field of yoga is very vast and in a one month course or in a year or two it is not enough for grasping the immensity of its wisdom. Keep learning, reading, taking courses and classes and the most important keep practicing by yourself. You have done a course but yoga is a lifestyle and we will always be students. Sharing with others, guiding practices is also a great way of learning. Every time we exchange powerful energy, and the fulfillment we feel for helping others is huge.

Enjoy opening your heart out to others! Welcome to the yoga lifestyle

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