seated on a chair at your office?


for How long??!!


Imagine you can take a real and deserved break...

Why you might need a break

Lack of movement can be dangerous for your health. Spending a lot of time on your chair could lead to general body pain, bad postural habits, weight gain, heart diseases and also psychological problems as anxiety and depression.

Some stretchings and gentle movements can help you to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, not just once or twice a week, but on a regular basis.

Other benefits are a better working environment, increase productivity, enthusiasm, fewer absences due to problems related to sedentariness and ailments due to bad habits in postures. More enthusiasm to carry out the tasks and see beyond. Reduce stress and labour absenteeism.

We go to your office!


Close the eyes, breath, roll your head, stretch your arms and open the eyes

Yoga for every day at any moment

Learn simple exercises that will help you to relax and focus more while you are working

Yoga classes & workshops at your office 

Yoga on the chair. Breathing techniques. Meditation. Concentration. Relaxation.

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Help us to get closer to you
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YOga Class

30 minutes -1 hour

or more

workshop at the office

Chair yoga

Breathing techniques

Meditation techniques

weekly, every 15 days or once a month

private classes

For individuals or small groups

company day

We invite you to our centre to spend a day of activities with your coworkers.

Yoga, meditation, walks in nature, delicious healthy food

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