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Our aim is bringing techniques that help you during your work, not just to be more relaxed at it but also improve the general environment at your office. 

What we offer is not just exercises for your physical body but a whole experience of awareness and consciousness that helps you to be present and ready to act in any situation.

yoga class

Take a break from your working day, a deserved time off to regain your energy and to bring restoration to body and mind. We meet in a suitable room for doing the practice, take the yoga mat and begin your way to reconnect with your body and mind.  Resetting our postural habits after long time seated gives a rejuvenating effect, not just for our physical body, but also for our brain. The work is adapted to all levels, focusing the practice according to the needs of the participants. Special attention is given to stretching the legs, opening the chest, relaxing the neck and shoulders, resting the whole spine and focusing on the breath during the practice.  At the end we bring relaxation, where the effects of the practice are fully integrated, revitalizing the system as a whole. 

After the class you will feel completely different from the beginning; the stress is gone, the mind is quiet, and you are fresh and ready to continue.

workshop at the office



Simple exercises are shared in the same place where you work, right there in front of your desk. There are many movements you can do seated on your chair to improve your posture while you are working. Resting the neck, rolling the shoulders, twisting the back or stretching your legs, can help you to feel more relaxed in your body and more focused in your mind. You will learn how to relax different parts of your body using simple movements that you can perform at any time. Monitoring the breath might be very powerful to overcome stressful situations. Coordinating the movements with the breath brings concentration to the mind. This will produce the needed relaxation for having a clearer mind, ready to make the right decisions at work and preventing excessive tiredness.

private classes 

Private classes are a great option for those who have the need to go deeper into this practice and like more attention from the instructor. A more personal approach is always a good opportunity to improve the practice and attend to your special requirements.

company day

Spend some time together outside the office helping relationships grow deeper. Knowing each other in a different environment helps to develop a connection between the staff members. This can later help to bring more cooperation and support during working hours. 
We invite you to spend a whole day of activities at our centre. We offer meditation, yoga classes, workshops, walks in the nature, delicious vegetarian meals and more. If you have any other ideas we can discuss them and make that day very special for the team.
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