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Our teachers are a huge part of the heart and soul of Om Shanti. Constantly learning and sharing with the students who make this experience possible, each instructor brings their own strengths and skills to the community. One of the roles of our valued instructors is to share with an open heart and attitude the wisdom, vision and skills of yoga and life they have learned while keeping opening for deeper understandings and continual new growth.

Boris Caroll

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Originally from the former Soviet Union, Boris has lived for more than twelve years in the forests of India, developing a solitary practice of yoga and meditation. He shares the Word of Yoga to all who open theirs ears and hearts, and he is always looking to deepen and intensify his own practice.

David Callado

Born in Mexico David also has a deep connection with mother India, where he spend more than 5 years practicing Yoga and Meditation. For the past 5 years he has been teaching this beautiful path to many students and YTTCS at both Comunidad OmShanti and abroad.


One of his main interests is the fusion of Yogic Tradition with  Daily Community life, which provides the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge and experience gained through the practice of Yoga & Meditation or any other technique, path, or practice that leads you to be a more evolved human being.


During the YTTC David provides compassionate and loving support to students, guiding them through the personal and emotional challenges that often arise when stepping into the spiritual path of yoga and meditaion and begining this intense inner and outer work we do.



David is in charge of guiding different Satsangs on such topics as non-Violent Communication, Yogic Philosophy (ashtanga yoga of patanjali and Bhagavad Gita ) Introduction to Tantra and Vedanta , guiding ceremonies aswell, sensorama, Dynamic meditation, etc

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Pilar Guerrero

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Pilar was born in Mexico and now dedicates all her time to serving others. She helps many who suffer from acute codependency issues through workshops and individual  guidance. She is also a yoga teacher certified  by Yoga Alliance and Bihar Yoga Bharati, is a regular practitioner of Vipassana Meditation and a Life / Spiritual Coach to name but a few of the strengths she brings to OmShanti.


In March 2017 she returned from 6 months of enriching herself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She began with the long journey of EL Camino de Santiago , the 800 km trail millions have walked  with the intention  of a reconnect with the self. She also traveled deeper into her studies of Non Violent Communication and completed her journey with an extended visit to India, exploring the wealth of information and experience available in Yoga and Meditation.  A most important and profound experience for Pillar was volunteering at the  Mother Theresa House.  She will share many of these adventures and expanded skills that have aided her beautiful path towards the heart.

Floris Adriaenssens

Floris, born in Belgium, is very dedicated to the path of yoga and is passionate to share it. In Belgium, Floris was fortunate to find Rama Saenen, a very experienced yogi with whom he started his yoga practice in 2008.

Later on, much of his Yogic preparation and experience has been gained In India and Mexico and he has been dedicating a long period of time to his personal Sadhana. Since 2013 Floris has been teaching yoga and has been teaching for many yoga teacher trainings and retreats in Europe and Mexico. Floris has been part of the team of comunidad Om Shanti since 2013.

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Romina Tidoni
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Originally from Argentina, her first steps into awareness were through theater and dance. Since she arrived in Mexico seven years ago, she began her spiritual path. Walking this path she realized one of her missions in life was to share the Word of Yoga with others and thus she brings her skills into the YTTC, full of energy and enthusiasm. Romina is in charge of the anatomy classes, and because of her background in dance, she brings a fresh perspective to her workshops.


Since 2014, Romina has played a key role in helping  Om Shanti grow as a community and a place of learning through continued support, active participation and motivation.  She is honored to call OmShanti her home.


Romina spent most of 2016 traveling through India to different Ashrams and centers to deepen her own practice as well as to bring back new ideas, techniques and teaching strategies to the YTTC's.

Mario Corella

As Mario nears the ripe young age of 70, he is one of the most dynamic, energetic and entertaining teachers we know!  He brings a lighthearted yet intense learning experience to each of his classes, and each class is unique. 

He began yoga here in Mazunte 15 years ago and he spent most of those aldo studying and practicing in India.  His knowledge of Sanskrit, Mantras and stories from the Bhagavad Gita bring a rich glow to his teachings. 
Mario is also Mexican and very connected to the rituals and ceremonies of Mexican tradition.  We are so grateful that Mario brings his bright light to our community and also leads us through some traditional ceremonies, such as the temazcal that concludes the YTTC.  He teaches daily at his own studio close to Mazunte and travels extensively in Mexico and internationally teaching and spreading the many joys of Yoga. 


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Sarah Mullins

A beautiful soul, who always shares her positive attitude towards the life. She continues to bring so much to this beautiful Community; firstly, as a student of the YTTC, then as an enthusiastic assistant and at this present moment, as one of the main teachers. Her self-practice and commitment to the path of Yoga are admirable because of her consistency in all the fields, from the Hatha Yoga Practice, Meditation, Teacher of Relaxation techniques, Teacher of Anatomy, Teaching Methods, a Kirtan devotee and Karma Yogi. Her love and light are always shining.

Paulina Gostomski

Paulina loves to share the depth and light that meditation and yoga have brought into her life. She started doing yoga just as a physical excercise around 2003. Everything shifted when she did her first 10day Vipassana retreat in 2011. Since then she has done many silent meditation retreats and has also been teaching many yoga teacher trainings, yoga and silent meditation retreats. A new kind of love and depth touched her heart which she is so happy to share now with all of humanity. Paulina has been studying with many different teachers, took two 200-hour Yoga teacher training-courses and in 2017 she finished a 500 hour meditation and yoga teacher training in Hridaya, Mexico.

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